Door of the Day, 13 Apr 14, The Pet Shop

His wife came back to the pet store after mass and saw that he had put up a sign.

“Who’s going to pay for this free vaccine you are giving away?”

“The customers will return out of gratitude. Besides, animals with rabies don’t buy leashes and pet food. I’m only protecting my cliental.”

“You spelled antirrábica incorrectly. There is an a accento.”

“You change it then, if you know so much.”

“Why don’t you come to mass with me anymore? Today is Palm Sunday.”

“The children are both in Las Angeles. What’s the sense?”

She took his felt tip pen and went outside. She had always kept a big dove and a rooster on the balcony above their house. Husband and wife.  

“You turned the rooster and the dove so they face away from each other.”

“I did?”

“Does this mean you are angry with me for not going to mass?”

“No. If you put up a sign like that, you have to put up the hours also or they won’t know when to come for their vacunas gratuitas that you are buying for them.”

“I don’t like sick animals. Now that the children are gone, we should look after someone other than ourselves.”

“That’s why you should come to mass with me.”

And this was true.

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